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Iraqi Forces Liberate another District, Kill 26 ISIS Militants in Mosul Operation

1 December 2016 16:29

Iraqi Forces Liberate another District, Kill 26 ISIS Militants in Mosul Operation

At least 26 ISIS militants were killed when Iraqi security forces liberated another district in the Northern city of Mosul and a village just outside the militant-held city during the massive military campaign to retake the ISIS last bastion in the war-hit country, local media said.

According to a statement by Iraq’s Joint Operations Command (JOC), cited by Al Forat News, Iraqi Counter Terrorism Forces retook Mosul’s al-Ikha al-Thaniyeh district after inflicting great losses in lives and equipment on the ISIL terrorists.

The statement added that the Iraqi forces have raised the country’s flag on buildings in the liberated neighborhood.

The command center said the Iraqi federal police have also freed Tal al-Romman village just outside Mosul on the city’s Southwestern flanks.

During their offensive on the village, the Iraqi federal police’s artillery units bombed an ISIS safe haven in Tal al-Romman village, destroying two booby-trapped cars that tried to impede the advance of the Iraqi forces.

Earlier in the day, Iraqi forces reported they are progressing steadily in their operations to liberate the ISIS-held city of Mosul from its terrorist occupants.

Iraqi security forces, supported by volunteer forces and other groups have been on a major campaign to liberate Mosul since mid-October

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