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Syria’s Jaafari: Damascus Committed to Counter Terrorism, Seek Unconditional Political Solution

1 December 2016 16:43


Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Bashar al-Jaafari said that the Syrian government is committed to fighting terrorism and seeking a political solution through a Syrian-Syrian dialogue without foreign interference and without preconditions.

During a speech at a Security Council session held on the situation in the Middle East, Jaafari noted that “the liberation of more than 80 thousand of children and women in Aleppo was not part of the US, French and British foreign ministries plans that always claim defending civilians in Aleppo.”

Jaafari said “once again representatives of the Al-Nusra Front terrorist organization and affiliated groups hurry to convene an emergency session of the Security Council in an attempt to save them and provide them with moral and political support.”

“Continuous trading with the Syrian blood by the representatives of [Abu Mohamad ] Joulani and ISIL [Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant] through humanitarian issue will not deter Syria – with the support of its allies – to perform its legal duty in the fight against terrorism,” the Syrian official added.

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