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Syrian Analyst: Aleppo Battle As Important to Israel As War in Tel Aviv

3 December 2016 15:47



A prominent Syrian analyst said the fate of the war in Aleppo is of such vital importance to the future of Syria and the entire region that Israel sees the battle as if it is happening in Tel Aviv.

“After the Syrian army and its allies laid siege on the terrorist groups in the Eastern parts of Aleppo, the US showed reaction and Ankara, Riyadh, Doha and Tel Aviv were terrified,” Manif Hamdoush told FNA on Saturday.

“Aleppo is like a thorn in the eyes of the Zionists who are waiting to see the results of the current battle in the city as if the battle was being fought in Tel Aviv, and they showed their anger at the recent victories of the Syrian army and its allies by launching the recent airstrikes on Syria,” he added.

The Syrian defense ministry confirmed last Wednesday that the Israeli fighter jets had launched a strike at army positions in the Western parts of Damascus, saying that they fired two missiles at al-Saboura region from areas near the Lebanese territories.

Syria’s state TV reported on Wednesday that the Israeli warplanes attacked Western Damascus after violating Lebanon’s airspace.

A military source at the defense ministry said that the Israeli fighter jets flew over and violated the Lebanese airspace early Wednesday morning and fired two missiles at al-Saboura region in the Western parts of Damascus.

He added that the attack didn’t leave any tolls and was aimed at strengthening the terrorist groups’ morale and undermine the psychological impacts of the Syrian army victories.

Also in November, the general command of the Syrian army and armed forces announced that an Israeli warplane launched an attack on one of the military sites in Quneitra, destroying a cannon and damaging another.

“This attack comes after the success of our armed forces, in cooperation with popular defense groups in thwarting a wide attack carried out by Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Nusra Front) terrorist organization on Hadar and its surroundings in Quneitra, killing tens of terrorists and inflicting heavy losses on them in arms and equipment,” the statement said.

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