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Syrian Army attempts to capture main rebel stronghold in east Aleppo

3 December 2016 16:22



The Syrian Arab Army launched another powerful assault in the eastern pocket of Aleppo City today, targeting the strategic Tariq Al-Bab area that was considered Fatah Halab’s primary stronghold.

Led by the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army attacked the Tariq Al-Bab area on Saturday, striking the jihadist defenses from several axes inside the east Aleppo pocket.

Following an intense battle this morning, the Syrian Armed Forces managed to break-through Fatah Halab’s first line of defense and capture more than 40 percent of this important area in east Aleppo.

Some reports claim that the Tariq Al-Bab area has already been captured by the Tiger Forces; however, these claims are untrue.

Should Tariq Al-Bab fall to the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies, they will be in control of more than 60 percent of the east Aleppo pocket.

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