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30 Eastern Aleppo Neighborhoods Under Syrian Army Control

5 December 2016 16:21



The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Monday that Syrian Army troops and popular forces have thus far driven Jeish al-Fatah terrorists out of, at least, 30 neighborhoods in the Eastern parts of Aleppo city.

The pro-government forces have managed to liberate at least 30 neighborhoods in Eastern Aleppo since the start of their large-scale operation against Jeish al-Fatah coalition of terrorist groups, the Russian defense ministry said.

Elam al-Harbi news weblog, for its part, said that militants now reign in only 18 sq/km of the 45 sq/km area in Eastern Aleppo.

Meanwhile, Moscow expressed hope that the Syrian army would conquer the entire Aleppo by the end of the year.

Russia also criticized Western countries for their reluctance to provide humanitarian aid to the areas recently liberated by the Syrian army.

Syrian Army troops continued their advances against Jeish al-Fatah all throughout Sunday and Monday, capturing four more key districts and a hospital in Southeastern Aleppo city.

The army soldiers and the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters took control over the districts of Karam al-Qaterje, Karam al-Tahan, Juzeh Awad, Zahrat Awad and Aleppo government hospital Southeast of the city and on the Western side of the Aleppo International Airport.

The army men had earlier captured the Youth Housing Complex, Karam al-Tarab, Karam al-Jazmati, al-Halwaniyeh, Tariq al-Bab, Karam al-Maysar and two key squares of al-Jazmati and al-Halwaniyeh.

According to reports, the next target of the army soldiers is the key district of al-Sha’ar that is now under government forces’ siege from three flanks.

An informed source told al-Mayadeen that the terrorists are now only faced with the two options of either retreating from the entire Eastern districts of Aleppo or getting killed.

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