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Government achievements due to Supreme Leader, people’s support

6 December 2016 18:12


President Hassan Rouhani said the achievements of his administration in the past three years are due to the support it has received from the Supreme Leader and the Iranian people.

Speaking in a ceremony in Tehran University on Tuesday on the occasion of University Students’ Day, he said the whole nation will rise in defense as a Basij member any day a threats looms over the country.

Regardless of their political sentiments and partisan affiliations, he added, all young people in the country will go ahead and defend the country against threats paying no attention to the interests of any political wings or parties.

Then, he stressed, that will be an issue of national interests not those of any parties and all will defend the country irrespective of the ethnic group or whatever they belong to.

President Rouhani further said that Iran has defied Iranophobia attempts and rejected the United Nations resolutions as being illegal and then proved the world that Iran is not a source of threat to anybody.

Now the same UN Security Council which had announced Iran as a threat to the world has urged all member states to aid Iran with its peaceful nuclear activities, he added.

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