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Libyan Army Declares State of Emergency as Forces Seize Control of the Country

6 December 2016 10:32



Libyan armed forces have declared a state of emergency in the country on Monday, in an attempt to restore stability in the state, putting all democratic processes on hold.

Ali Katrani, head of the Presidential Council at the Government of National Accord, said the state of emergency imposed by the military heralds the beginning of a transition period that will allow Libya to restore its territorial integrity.

The military, led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, will take charge of the country during this time; once the country is united once again, the government will then focus its attention on reaching a political consensus within the nation.

Katrani pointed out that the Libyan National Army owes its successes in the fight against the so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL) terrorist group and other terrorist organizations due to the overwhelming popular support at home and to the recognition of its legitimacy abroad.

During the state of emergency, all government institutions except for the house of representatives will suspend their activities; as the army assumes control of the country, military governors will be assigned to each region and military field courts will come into operation.

Katrani insisted that the army does not seek to permanently seize power in the country, and as soon as the situation in Libya is stable the country will return to democracy: parliamentary and presidential elections will be held and a special committee will set to work on developing a constitution.


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