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Syrian Gov’t Approves Amnesty Requests of 700 Wanted-People in Damascus Province

6 December 2016 18:07



Amnesty requests of 700 wanted-people from the towns of al-Tibeh, al-Keswa and al-Meqlaibeh were studied and approved by the Syrian government in accordance with the Amnesty Decree no.15 for 2016, provincial official said.

Damascus Governor General Ala’a Monir Ibrahim said that his department is working in coordination with relevant authorities to implement local reconciliations in all areas to pave the ground for the return of state institutions and locals who were displaced from their homes due to terrorism, pointing out that Damascus countryside will be clear of weapons and gunmen very soon.

Chairman of al-Keswa City Council Abdul-Aziz al-Asfar said for his part that the first stage of granting amnesty to the gunmen and wanted people started on Monday in areas of al-Keswa, al-Tibeh and al-Meqlaibeh and its affiliated towns of al-Mara, al-Maaleh, Ayn al-Bida and al-Thawra, adding that as of Tuesday all people whose amnesty requests have been approved are free to return to their normal lives.

In the meantime, one of the Syrian army officers said that as part of the local reconciliation process in al-Keswa area, a variety of weapons including machineguns, heavy machineguns, rifles, explosive devices of various sizes and weights, grenade launchers, RPG launchers, an anti-tank missile, an explosive belt and hand grenades have been handed over to the army by militants.

Based on the reports, 150 gunmen who had turned themselves in to the authorities, handed their weapons over and pledged not to take part in any act that might harm the country’s security and stability.

The Arabic language al-Nashrah quoted Ala’a Monir Ibrahim as saying on Sunday that peace talks between government and militants’ representatives in Douma, Harasta and Wadi Bardi were seriously pursued.

He further added that 80 percent of Damascus province was covered by the peace agreement and more talks were underway to bring the remaining 20 percent to the peace negotiations.

Ibrahim said that the entire regions in the province would join the national reconciliation plan in a short period of time. Full success in the implementation of the national reconciliation plan in two towns of Bebila and Yalda would be announced soon, he added.

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