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BREAKING: Somali forces liberate the only ISIS-held town in the country

7 December 2016 14:16



ISIS who have a marginal presence in Somalia took the northern town of Qandala in the Puntland region on 26 October.

Since then, the Puntland Security Forces (PSF) launched an assault to retake the district and town from the terrorist group. 25,700 out of Qandala districts 45,300 people became displaced as a result of the ISIS takeover and the ensuing battles.

The first breakthrough was three days ago when the PSF successfully took the villages of Madlaxo and Af-Bashashin from ISIS.

This culminated the direct route for the retaking of Qandala, a town of just under 20,000 people. The town has just been liberated by the Somali forces, expelling the terrorist group into obscurity, in a country who’s Islamist’s are mostly a part of Al-Qaeda aligned Al-Shabaab.

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