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Inhuman zionist Saudi rocket, aerial attacks against Yemen kill seven, injure 11

9 December 2016 13:57



Saudi rocket and aerial attacks have reportedly killed seven civilians and injured 11 others in the northwestern Yemeni province of Sa’ada.

Rocket attacks by Saudi forces against the city of Haydan in the Telan district of Sa’ada on Friday killed five residents and wounded eight more, local al-Masirah TV network reported.

Saudi airstrikes also targeted the al-Nazir region of the city of Razeh in the same province, leaving two residents killed and three more wounded.

Saudi Arabian warplanes also bombarded the regions of al-Mandaba, al-Thu’ban and al-Baha in Sa’ada Province as well as al-Hoban district in Ta’izz Province. However, no casualty figures were reported from those strikes.

A Saudi drone separately crashed in the al-Qavia region of the country’s Jizan Province.

Yemeni army and Popular Committees staged retaliatory attacks against Saudi military positions in Asir, Jizan and Najran provinces of Saudi Arabia, killing 10 Saudi troops.

The latest Saudi attacks came a day after US-based rights group Human Rights Watch (HRW) called for an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia over its brutal war against Yemen. The rights organization said that the US may be complicit in the “atrocities” perpetrated against Yemen by supplying arms and munitions to the Riyadh regime.

The British government also continues to provide massive amounts of lethal weaponry to Saudi Arabia. According to the London-based Campaign Against Arms Trade, Britain has approved £2.8 billion ($4 billion) in military sales to Saudi Arabia since March 2015, when the war on Yemen began.

Saudi Arabia launched the war in a desperate bid to reinstall the former Yemeni government.

The war-torn Yemen is grappling with the scarcity of food supplies and an outbreak of diseases in the face of the persisting Saudi aggression.

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