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Turkish Army to Dispatch More Soldiers to Northern Syria to Assist Terrorists

10 December 2016 10:29


Turkish media disclosed that Ankara plans to send up to 300 commandos to Northern Syria to support the militants of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

300 elite Turkish commandos will enter Syria to take part in the fight against ISIL and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) whilst supporting the Free Syrian Army and other militant groups, Anadolu reported.

The commandos will come from the 11th Command Brigade.

A source told Anadolu News that the 11th Command Brigade have already been airlifed to Syria from the Cardak Military Airport in Western Turkey.

Turkish forces crossed into Syria on August 24 under the pretext of expelling ISIL from the border region.

A senior commander in the operations room of Syria and its allies said on Thursday that several delegations from Turkey traveled to Damascus to hold talks with the Syrian government officials.

“After surprising political, international and regional comments by Ankara, today, we are have no way but to disclose the visits made by the Turkish delegations to Syria which were not confined to meetings with the Syrian officials, but included Russia and Iran too; the delegations promised peaceful solutions and ignored all preconditions that they had set during the war against Syria. It is obvious to us that the Turkish rulers will not keep their promises and their measures can be described only as mere political hypocrisy,” the commander was quoted as saying by al-Safir newspaper on Thursday.

He underlined that the Turkish government should know that it has been entangled in the quagmire of Syria and will be drowned in it.

Asked about the possibility for reconciliation in Aleppo, the commander said that this week was the last chance for the terrorists inside Aleppo and no negotiations would be held after it.

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