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Syrian Army Forwards Hundreds of Fresh Forces to Aleppo City

11 December 2016 16:50



Syrian army troops sent hundreds of its forces to the Southern districts of Aleppo city to take part in large-scale anti-terrorism operation after evacuation of all civilians from militant-held neighborhoods of the city.

The army that slowed down its offensives on positions of Jeish al-Fatah terrorists to pave the ground for the easier evacuation of people trapped in militant-held neighborhoods, dispatched hundreds of its forces to the Southern part of the city to restart their attacks on terrorists’ positions.

The army dispatched hundreds of its forces to the districts of Sheikh Saeed, al-Eza’ah and Seif al-Dowleh to continue its advances against Jeish al-Fatah in the districts of al-Zobaydiyeh and Jubb al-Jebli and lay siege on Bostan al-Qasr (Bustan al-Kaser) that is the main stronghold of Fatah al-Sham Front (previously known as the al-Nusra Front) from two directions.

The army’s engineering unis and Russian specialists started to defuse bombs and landmines planted by the terrorists in the Eastern districts of Aleppo.

The army men seized several arms and ammunition depots of the Free Syrian Army, including a bomb-making and explosive gas cylinder workshop at a school in al-Tananir square in Old Aleppo quarter in their cleansing operation.

Local media disclosed earlier today that the Syrian army is getting ready to carry out a fresh round of massive attack to take back the remaining militant-held districts in Southeastern Aleppo.

The Arabic language al-Watan daily quoted a field source as saying that the army men have temporarily slowed down their operations to ease the exit of remaining civilians from Aleppo’s Southeastern neighborhoods, underlining that the army men will start fresh operation to liberate the entire neighborhoods in Eastern and Southeastern Aleppo city very soon.

Al-Watan added that the army opposes terrorists’ demands for ceasefire and the only condition for the halt of the army’s operation is pullout of terrorists from occupied neighborhoods.

The remaining districts in Southeastern Aleppo city that are still under militants’ control are in a row and the fall of one of them by the army men will end in the fall of all other districts.

Based on the reports, civilians’ presence is the only barrier to the capture of the entire Southeastern Aleppo by the government forces.

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