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Syrian Army Ready to Strat Fresh Operation to Take Back Entire Lost Lands in Homs

11 December 2016 13:14



Syrian Army troops are about to start fresh rounds of attacks on ISIL’s positions to drive them out of energy-rich fields in Eastern Homs, a field source said minutes ago.

“The Syrian government forces are waiting for the the central command to issue order to launch massive air and ground attacks on ISIL’s positions,” the source said, adding, “Fierce clashes are now underway between the army men and terrorists in oilfields.”

He further rejected rumors about continued advances of ISIL in the towns and villages in Homs and refuted news about cut off of international highway to Damascus.

“The army that has been reinvigorated by arrival of fresh forces and heavy military equipment will soon start a massive anti-ISIL operation to retake lost lands,” the source underscored.

“The army soldiers have fortified their positions in Hayyan oilfields near al-Mahjoureh battalion from different flanks and are repelling ISIL’s attacks,” the source added.

He further added that ISIL’s attempts to advance against government force is fruitless and the militants, who have received heavy equipment and fresh forces from Raqqa via desert roads, have advanced towards Ibn Hayyan factory to access Homs-Palmyra road.

Reports said earlier today that the army troops with the back up of the Russian and Syrian fighter jets managed to drive ISIL out of the neighborhoods they lost to the terrorists on Saturday, and imposed full control over the historical city of Palmyra (Tadmur) in Eastern Homs.

The army soldiers, backed up by the Russian and Syrian warplanes, pushed ISIL terrorists back from neighborhoods near Palmyra’s entrance, inflicting major casualties on the militants.

ISIL carried out one more large-scale attack on government positions at the Eastern entrance of Palmyra on Saturday night. They took control of the strategic height of al-Tar in the Northern side of Palmyra and the village of al-Ameriyeh Northwest of the city. They further laid siege on the city.

As the ISIL terrorists were entering the Eastern districts of Palmyra, the army troops started to evacuate civilians from the city and transfer them to the T4 region and airport, but after arrival of reinforcements, the government forces carried out crushing attacks on the terrorists and retook some of the lost neighborhoods with the back of the Russian and Syrian aircraft.

The army men, fresh forces and the Syrian and Russian fighter jets inflicted major losses on the militants and took back the village of al-Ameriyeh and the Eastern neighborhoods of Palmyra.

The government forces further targeted ISIL’s movements and gatherings in the wheat silos and al-Tar height, inflicting major losses on them and pushing them back from most of these two regions.

Massdar news reported that the Russian Special Forces with the back up of the Russian fighter jets and choppers played a crucial role in recapturing lost region in the Palmyra operation.

A field source said that the Syrian government forces are fortifying their position in the city to prevent any advance of the ISIL.

The sources added that the Takfiri terrorists try to maintain their position in Palmyra’s outskirt, but the Russian and Syrian warplanes are targeting them continuously.

The source also said that an ISIL convoy of vehicles carrying a number of terrorists that had left al-Sukhnah region for Palmyra was destroyed in the air raids.

A military source also told RIA Novosti that the Syrian army managed to repel ISIL attack on Palmyra, regaining full control over the embattled city.

 “Let me repeat that Palmyra is under the control of the Syrian army troops,” the source said, adding that ISIL terrorists are carrying out intense attacks, but they have been repulsed.

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