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Iranian Official: Turkish, Saudi, US Generals Helping Terrorists in Syria

13 December 2016 16:33



Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council (EC) Mohsen Rezayee disclosed that several Turkish, Saudi and US Generals have been dispatched recently to Syria to help the terrorists resist the devastating attacks of the army and its allies.

“Recently, media sources confirmed that a number of Turkish, Saudi and US Generals expert in special wars have joined the Takfiris and actually, they have led the operations in Khan Touman,” Rezayee wrote on his Instagram page on Tuesday.

He added that the terrorists in Syria are receiving weapons, ammunition, money and food supplies carried by ships from Saudi Arabia and Qatar via the Southern borders and Turkey’s Iskenderun port.

Rezayee also underlined the Iranian military advisors’ significant role in the Syrian army’s victories against the terrorists.

Analysts in Damascus believe that Saudi Arabia and Turkey have armed the ISIL terrorists and dispatched them to Homs province to launch new offensives against Palmyra (Tadmur).

Al-Watan newspaper quoted Syrian analysts as saying that Palmyra will not bear any strategic fruit for the terrorists and is only a response to the Saudis and Turks’ defeats in Aleppo.

In Tadmur events, they believe, it is fully clear who has persuaded the ISIL to launch attacks and who is supporting them. This offensive is merely a reaction to the Syrian army and its allies’ victories in Aleppo since Aleppo was the only winning card that the terrorists and their backers had.

The analysts underlined that “certainly Saudi Arabia and Turkey will not earn anything by sending the ISIL to Tadmur and will on be further dishonored by their obvious support for the ISIL”.

Aleppo is to be announced a completely liberated city by Damascus any moment now as Syrian army troops and popular forces inched closer to recapturing the entire districts of the war-torn city.

According to the Russian Peace Coordination Center in Syria, pro-government forces are now in control of over 98 percent of Eastern Aleppo, while thousands of militants have turned themselves in to Damascus authority.

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