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Iraqi Forces Discover ISIL’s Largest Prison in Mosul

13 December 2016 15:54


The Iraqi counterterrorism forces discovered ISIL’s biggest jail in the city of Mosul in Nineveh province in Western Iraq.

The prison contained separate solitary confinements for keeping men and women and also special rooms for torturing the inmates, the Arabic-language al-Mesleh news website reported on Monday.

“The intelligence obtained from the people in the vicinity of the prison said the ISIL has imprisoned tens of civilians who have resisted against the terrorist group and refused to impellent its orders,” Senior Iraqi Federal police commander Karim Ziyab said on Tuesday.

Ziyab reiterated that the ISIL had transferred all the prisoners of the jail to an unknown location after advances made by the Iraqi security forces.

In a relevant development in early November, informed sources in Nineveh province disclosed that the local residents had raided the ISIL’s main prison in the Western part of Mosul city and set free nearly four dozen prisoners after killing the guards.

“The local residents attacked and captured ISIL’s main prison in Western Mosul and released 45 prisoners after killing all the prison guards in bloody clashes,” the Arabic-language al-Sumeria News Channel quoted a local security source in Nineveh province as saying.

Also in early November, a local official in Nineveh Province said that a large ISIL prison had been discovered by security forces South of the province, in the al-Shura area.

According to Nineveh Provincial Council member Hussam al-Din al-Abbar, the underground prison, containing more than 1,000 inmates, among them captured Iraqi troops and police officers, was uncovered by joint forces providing security and removing explosives from the area.

“ISIL tortured and arrested thousands of Nineveh residents and committed many crimes against the citizens who violated its instructions,” the official added.

“The detainees were freed and transferred to a safe destination.”


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