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Iraqi Forces Liberate More Iraqi Regions West of Mosul

13 December 2016 8:07



Iraqi Hashed Shaabi fighters (Popular Mobilization Forces) liberated on Monday Tel Askaa area northwest of Tel Abta, and the village of Northern Abu Senam west of Mosul, and inflicted terrorists heavy losses.

PMF website said “the PMF managed to liberate Northern Abu Senam western Mosul village after clashes with ISIL gunmen and killed dozens of terrorists,” in reference to the so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ takfiri group.

“PMF is continuing progress according to the plans until cleansing the western axis of ISIL control,” the website added.

Moreover, 25 ISIL militants were also killed as they were going to escape from the village of Aziz Agha west of Mosul. In the meantime, PMF engineering corps started to lift containers from the village roads and to dismantle booby-trapped houses.

Furthermore, PMF website received 200 families fleeing from the ISIL tyranny west of Tal Afar, pointing out that “Hashd Shaabi forces greeted those families, provided them with the necessary services and transferred all the families to safe places outside the combat zones.”

It is noted that PMF leadership confirmed that ISIL gunmen are taking families as human shields and preventing them from going out in an attempt to disrupt the PMF progress to liberate the west of Mosul cities from the control of the criminal group.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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