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Rouhani Says Zionists and Enemies of the Region Will Be Disappointed ‘Soon’

15 December 2016 16:39



Iran’s President Sheikh Hassan Rouhani stressed on Thursday the objective of the Zionist entity and the whoever sheds blood in the region is to frustrate the Muslim youth, however, they will be soon disappointed.

Addressing the 30th Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran, President Rouhani stated that the biggest objective of the Zionist Regime is to kill hope and increase disappointment among Muslim youth, adding the regime itself would be indulged in despair soon.

Noting that the enemy conspiracy to attract the Muslim youth to false belief would be defeated if all Muslim countries exercise brotherhood, he called on all Muslims from all across the world to unify to bring about practical solutions to the problems that Muslim countries are facing these days.

Referring to recent happening in Syria, President said Fallujah and Aleppo have been liberated, noting the entire Iraqi and Syria would be freed of the enemy occupation.

“If the major world powers and some dictator and dependent governments think that they can achieve their goals by using terrorist groups, they are in a big mistake, the Iranian President underscored.

Moreover, Rouhani reiterated that the days of brotherhood among all Islamic countries against Zionist regime would be returned soon.

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