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President of Kenyan Imams: Muslims do not excommunicate each other

16 December 2016 11:25



Abdullah Ibrahim, president of Imams from Kenya, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) on the sideline of 30th International Islamic Unity Conference, criticized Takfiri (excommunication) groups voicing his support for any cause which brings Muslims together.

When asked on the theme of the conference, confrontation with Takfir, he quoted verse 92 of Sura al Anbiya calling Muslims as one unified nation rejecting any Muslim who might call another Muslim as non-Muslim saying,” When we are together, there is no Shia or Sunni, so it is not good to call a person as Kafir (out of Islam).”

Kenyan participant to the Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran voiced his support for the idea of a unified leadership for Muslims.

He stressed necessity of Muslim issues to be solved amongst themselves and said,” It is a good idea to share our problems and to solve them together but not to bring non-Muslims to solve our problems.”

When asked on the ways that Muslim countries can contribute to solve the issue of Takfir he stressed necessity of dialofues, discussions and press conferences before coming to a final result.

Abdullah Ibrahim expressed gratitude to participate in the 30th International Islamic Unity Conference and called it a proper measure to bring Muslims from across the globe together.

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