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‘Practical steps should be taken for uniting Muslims’: President of Palestinian Council

17 December 2016 10:26



In an interview with Taqrib news Agency (TNA) at the side of the 30th International Islamic unity conference which is underway in Tehran capital city, Muhammad Maem Zaghmout, the President of Islamic Palestinian Council in Beirut of Lebanon hailed Islamic Republic of Iran for mounting the significant Islamic Unity event  stressing, “in this gathering religious clerics and thinkers from  different countries including Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa gather to exchange their views and ideas with each other and this is a good chance for them to grab.”

The Palestinian thinker underscored, “Organizing and holding these conferences can be efficient and one of the best ways for fighting terrorism, Takfiris and the fake image they propose of Islam and Muslim nations.”

The religious cleric demanded Muslims and religious leaders to take practical steps and play more active role so as to advance the set objectives in the unity arena and preserving rapprochement among Muslims.

According to the President of Islamic Palestinian Council in Beirut of Lebanon, Islamic unity conference and similar meetings can provide the proper ground for Muslim clerics and elites to work in tandem and team up against their common enemeis.

Muhammad Maem Zaghmout urged Media and press to cover stories, news and events related to Muslim nations informing as well people from all over the World of the crimes perpetrated by main powers and the regime of Zionism in the World of Islam.

He leveled serious criticism at the regime of Zionism, stressing, “There is no country named Israel, and the real land occupied by terrorists is named Palestine.”

President of Islamic Palestinian Council in Beirut of Lebanon rapped western countries for backing the regime of Zionism for advancing the willful objectives against oppressed nation Palestine stressing, “Terrorists which are now called Israel have been sent to Palestine land and supported by main powers like British, the U.S, and France in there.”

The religious cleric called for a serious move and steps taken by religious leaders and thinkers against the main powers which supply the route for the regime of Zionism demanding them to stand by the oppressed nation of Palestine.

The regime of Zionism tries to undermine Islam and tarnish the image of this religion throughout Palestine, and for facing this threat, Muslim Ummah should unite and come up with effective ways to stand against these terrorists,” pointed out Muhammad Maem Zaghmout.

“What we, scholars, want from the press is showing the true face of Zionism and let people see they are nothing but terrorists,”  concluded the President of Islamic Palestinian Council in Beirut of Lebanon stressing in this conference all the participants should address the growing threats of terrorism and Zionism regime against innocent people accross the globe.


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