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Qassem Suleimani visits eastern Aleppo

17 December 2016 15:55



Major General Qassem Suleimani of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ elite “Al-Quds Forces” arrived in Aleppo on Friday to overlook the evacuation of militants and civilians taking place in the eastern part of the city.

The high-ranking Iranian officer would visit several sites in eastern Aleppo, including the ancient Citadel inside the Old City District of the provincial capital.

In the past, General Suleimani would visit the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah before a military operation was set to take place; however, for the first time during this war, the prominent leader of the Al-Quds Forces arrived after the battle was over.

With the battle of eastern Aleppo drawing to a close, the Syrian Arab Army and their allies will look south towards the Aleppo-Damascus Highway, where they hope to reach the Idlib Governorate by the new year.

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