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Muslim division leads to annihilation of Islam: Cleric

18 December 2016 15:02



Hujjat-ul-Islam Abdul Hussein Alizadeh, religious affairs expert in Islamic guidance bureau in Kerman Province, in an interview with RASA News Agency called Muslims to stand vigilant against anti-Islam intrigues since that will lead to dispersion of Muslims to the point that there will remain nothing from Islam but its name, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He referred to Qur’an, Ka’aba (praying direction of Muslims) and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as powerful entities of Islam and commonalities of different Islamic denominations; therefore, Muslims can strengthen Islam and contribute greatly to the holy religion once they maintain their shared assets.

Iranian cleric quoted Qur’anic verse on necessity of solidarity among Muslims saying if Muslims across the globe set the message of unity as axis of their moves then they will certainly conquer enemies who have weakened due to solidarity of Muslims.

Hujjat-ul-Islam Alizadeh stressed,” Enemies are aware of capabilities of Muslims once they are united; hence, they make use of any opportunity to disperse Muslims and follow any intrigue to remain as the sole power in the world; therefore, they launch anti-Islamic groups like Wahhabis, ISIL, Taliban, Salafis, British-style Shia and American version of Islam to achieve their objectives.”

Hujjat-ul Islam Alizadeh highlighted the role of media as a powerful means in the hands of the enemies and said,” To schedule unifying programs by Shia and Sunni scholars and professors will leave a great influence on uprooting disagreements” calling media activists to make more efforts in this line.

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