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Over 37 Terrorists Killed in Syrian Army Attacks in Homs Province

18 December 2016 14:43



Over 37 militants of ISIL and Fatah al-Sham Front (previously known as the al-Nusra Front) were killed and many more were wounded in the Syrian Army offensives in Eastern and Northern Homs.

The army soldiers carried out a large-scale offensive against ISIL’s gatherings and movements East of Station 4 in the Eastern countryside of the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur), leaving at least 30 militants dead and tens more wounded and destroying four armored vehicles.

The army men also targeted Fatah al-Sham’s concentration centers in al-Dabour region towards the village of Jabourin North of Homs province, killing 7 terrorists and destroying their arms and ammunition.

The army troops also hit Fatah al-Sham’s gatherings hard in the village of Keisin, killing the entire members of the militant group and destroying their vehicle.

The army men also destroyed a workshop of the terrorists used for manufacturing bombs and missiles in the village of al-Za’afaraniyeh in Talbiseh region in Northern Homs, killing also a number of militants.

Also the army launched massive military operations against the ISIL terrorists in the surrounding areas of T4 airbase, and managed to take back a village and a number of regions after imposing heavy defeat on the terrorists on Saturday.

The government troops engaged in fierce clashes with the ISIL terrorists in al-Sharifeh to the West of T4 air base in Eastern Homs which resulted in capturing the strategic village and leaving a number of the ISIL terrorists dead and injured as well as destroying their military equipment.

The Syrian army troops also managed to take control of al-Kaziyeh intersection in al-Quaryatayn city in Homs province and hence open the road linking al-Quaryatayn to T4 airbase.

The government troops also destroyed 10 military vehicles and three tanks of the terrorists in their attacks on al-Kaziyeh intersection.

The Syrian and Russian fighter jets also heavily pounded the ISIL’s military positions in Palmyra; al-Ameriyeh district in the Northern part of the city and al-Savameh in its Eastern part, killing a number of the terrorists.

Meantime, the ISIL’s military positions in al-Dawa district in Western Palmyra came under several air raids.

The Syrian army units, supported by the air force, also launched operations against the ISIL terrorists and took back new areas near T4 military airport and won back Katiba al-Mahjoura base near the airport on Thursday.

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