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Qassam Brigades: Commander Zawari supervised drones program

18 December 2016 15:09



The Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas Movement, confirmed on Saturday that Mohammed Zawari, “who was treacherously assassinated by Zionists in Tunisia”, was one of its commanders who supervised the Brigades’ Ababeel drones program.

The Brigades mourned, in a communiqué, the Tunisian national, Qassam commander, and pilot Eng. Mohammed Zawari to the Arab and Muslim nations, free people of the world, and all honorable fighters.

The armed wing added, “The treacherous hands of Zionists have assassinated the Qassam leader on the 15th of December 2016, in the city of Sfax in Tunisia, the forefront of the Arab Spring and fervent supporter of the Palestinian resistance”.

The Qassam Brigades revealed that commander Zawari was one of the commanders who supervised the manufacture of Ababeel drones “which played a significant role in the 2014 Israeli war on Gaza Strip.”

It noted that Zawari had joined the Palestinian resistance and the Qassam Brigades ten years ago, and served in the Brigades, just like many Arabs and Muslims do, who were motivated by their love for Jerusalem and al-Aqsa Mosque. “These fighters fared well in defending the Palestinian cause against the Zionist enemy, and fought for Palestine and defended Palestine on behalf of the entire nation.”

The armed wing greeted “the great people of Tunisia for having this great hero, and for proving that they are the people of revolutions, fighters and free people, who always stood by the Palestinian people and their resistance.”

The Qassam Brigades pointed out that the assassination of commander and martyr Zawari “was an assault on the Palestinian resistance and the Qassam Brigades and will not go in vain.”

The armed wing underscored that the assassination of Zawari rings an alarm bell so that “all Arab and Muslim nations should beware that the Zionist enemy and its agents are actively meddling in the region and it is time to cut off their dirty and coward hands.”

The Qassam Brigades called on the Arab and Muslim youths and scholars “to follow the path of martyr Zawari and to support the cause of Jerusalem, al-Aqsa and Palestine, and to offer all sacrifices in order to cleanse Palestine from the usurping enemy.”

Mohammed Zawari, 43, who was heading the pilots association in southern Tunisia, was shot dead by 3 or 4 bullets by unknown persons who were driving a car without a plate on the 15th of December 2016, near the area of Menzel Shaker, in the governorate of Sfax.

Hebrew media sources claimed that the murder of Zawari was because of his support for the Palestinian resistance, especially the Hamas Movement, and that four foreigners, three of them Europeans and one Moroccan, had masterminded the murder.

The Hebrew Channel Ten said a Hungarian journalist organized a meeting with Zawari, and a group of foreigners arrived with her to the interview. She left Tunisia soon after the interview, indicating that she might be involved in planning the assassination.

It added that if the Israeli Mossad had assassinated Mohammed Zawari it was not because of his past history (with Hamas), but rather because of his future plans to help Hamas to prepare for the next confrontation (with Israel).


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