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Syrian Army, Popular Forces Repel ISIL’s Attacks on T4 Airbase Again

18 December 2016 14:40



The ISIL terrorists’ offensives to prevail over government forces’ positions in T4 airbase in Eastern Homs were repulsed by Syrian Army troops and National Defense Forces.

The ISIL carried out the first attack with several suicide vehicles to break through government forces’ positions Southwest of T4 airbase in Eastern Homs but the army and popular forces fended off their assault, killing at least 20 militants and destroying their suicide vehicles.

The ISIL carried out another attack using suicide tanks from the Southern flank of T4 airbase, but the army men destroyed their tanks, killing over 15 terrorists.

The ISIL pulled back its force after hours of clashes.

Army reports said Syrian and Russian fighter jets played a crucial role in repelling ISIL’s attacks.

On Saturday, a convoy of the Syrian Army’s elite forces stationed near T4 airbase West of the ISIL-held Palmyra city after the Arrival of several contingents of Syrian Army forces and a large number of Hezbollah fighters ahead of an imminent offensive to liberate the ancient city.

The Syrian Special Forces were airlifted to station in the Eastern flanks of the T4 airbase just before the start of the imminent operation to recapture the ancient city of Palmyra and the energy-rich fields in Eastern Homs Province from the ISIL terrorists.

A large number of Hezbollah forces had arrived in Eastern Homs on Friday to assist the army to repel ISIL’s attack on T4 airbase and take part in an imminent offensive to recapture the ancient city of Palmyra and energy-rich fields with the back up of the Russian and Syrian fighter jets.

Hezbollah also is to face ISIL in order not to approach the towns of al-Quaryatayn and Maheen.

After the fall of Palmyra earlier this month, the strategic T4 airbase is the main base of the Syrian army troops in Eastern Homs and if the ISIL manages to occupy there, the cities of Quaryatayn, Maheen and even Homs city itself will be at the risk of occupation.

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