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‘Takfiri groups are targeting our unity’: Lebanese scholar

18 December 2016 14:59



A Lebanese scholar who in Tehran attending the 30th Islamic Unity Conference said, “Takfiri groups are trying to undermine unity of Muslims and are considered as a threat against human and Islamic values and urged all Muslims to confront these group”.

Efaf Hakim a member of world Union of Muslim Women speaking at the opening ceremony Islamic Unity Conference pointed out, “the destructive phenomenon we are witness in Islamic World are result of envy and vengeance of those who have targeted our unity and the Palestinian question.”

Referring to crimes committed by Takfiri groups in numerous countries, this Lebanese scholar said, “these terrorist groups with their deviant beliefs has underlined the sanctity of blood which is more important than the Grand Mosque of Mecca and unfortunately some regimes such as Saudi Arabia are supporting these groups both financially and with arms.”

She added, “the ideas that Vahabis are contemplating is very dangerous for Muslim community adding that they are not concerned with Zionists and widespread crimes committed by them but have targeted Muslims and Christians but they should know that their thought will lead them to nowhere.”

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