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Syrian Air Force Pounds ISIL’s Centers in Deir Ezzur

21 December 2016 15:27



Syrian fighter jets intensified combat flights over ISIL’s gathering and movements in Deir Ezzur, inflicting major losses on Takfiri terrorists.

The warplanes carried out continued air attacks on ISIL’s bases in the neighborhoods of al-Huweiqa and al-Roshdiyeh in Deir Ezzur city, while other fighter jets bombed terrorists’ positions in al-Hosseiniyeh village in the Northern countryside and Jadid al-Akidat in the Eastern countryside of the city, leaving a number of militants dead and an ammunition depot in al-Huweiqa destroyed.

ISIL also suffered a heavy death toll and its equipment sustained major damage after its positions came under attack by the army aircraft in the neighborhoods of al-Sina’ah and al-Baqaliyeh.

In the meantime, heavy clashes were reported between the army men and ISIL near the 137th Brigade and al-Baqaliyeh Northwest of Deir Ezzur.

Earlier this month, the ISIL terrorist group launched another massive operation in Eastern Syria to capture Deir Ezzur city following its recent raid on Palmyra.

ISIL terrorists struck government positions in Deir Ezzur, nearby areas of the city’s airbase and near Panorama checkpost East of the Deir Ezzur city, but the Syrian Army soldiers engaged in fierce clashes with them and fended off their attacks.

Heavy fighting erupted between the army men and ISIL in the regions of al-Huweiqa, al-Baqaliyeh and al-Roshdiyeh.

The ISIL targeted army positions with its bomb-laden drones, but the army units destroyed all the unmanned aircraft.

The terrorists later started a major offensive but were forced to retreat after hours of clashes.

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