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“Terrorism finds grounds for growth in an ambiance of hostility”

21 December 2016 11:29



Ayatollah Ahmad Moballeghi, member of Iran’s Assembly of Experts, on the sideline of international conference on Middle East peace saying terrorism finds grounds for growth in an ambiance of hostility, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He referred to the paths for withdrawal of the Middle East region from terrorism and violence and said,” We should try to put an end to ignorance towards Sharia” demanding all to understand and know Sharia based on its own features.

He said,” To counter terrorism, great effort and joint endeavors is necessary because terrorism finds proper grounds and terrorists make the best of disagreements and dissension.”

The cleric highlighted serious dialogue in all fields and also tolerance from all Muslims to achieve solidarity and rejected any mutual revenge for any extremist move made by some people.

Hujjat-ul-Islam Moballeghi referred to the role of Iran in prevalence of peace in the world of Islam announcing the preparation of the Islamic Republic for serious and constructive dialogue for the end.

Iranian seminary professor stressed commitment of Iranian nation to follow laws necessary for life under coexistence.

Head of the research center in Iran’s Parliament stressed importance of affection in Islam and said,” If the foundations for relations between Muslims are based on war and pessimism, the output will coordinate the foundation which is war and hostility.”

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