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Turkey-Linked Terrorists Preventing Implementation of Agreement in Aleppo

21 December 2016 11:13



Syria’s UN Envoy Bashar al-Jafari underscored that terrorists affiliated to the Turkish intelligence service are violators of Aleppo truce, preventing evacuation of militants and their families from Aleppo.

Al-Jafari underlined that terrorists have breached the evacuation agreement, adding, “Terrorists set fire at 25 buses and kidnapped their drivers and killed three of them.”

He named this al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group as Saraya al-Towhid, saying, “Saraya al-Towhid has had links to the Turkish intelligence bodies.”

The Syrian envoy said that the western states and supporters of terrorist groups in Aleppo are about to exit their forces from Aleppo if they don’t violate the ceasefire again.

Al-Jafari’s remarks came after approval of an offered statement regarding dispatch of international monitors to Aleppo.

He released several names from the US, Turkey, Israel and some other countries’ intelligence bodies. He termed these agents of foreign intelligence services as people whose backers are to take them out of Aleppo.

Al-Jafari further mentioned former measures of the West and approval some statements at the UN and dispatch of forces to Iraq and Libya, saying, “We all remember what they did in Iraq and Libya. They turned Libya into a terrorist hub and there is no need to talk about what they did in Iraq.

The UN Security Council has unanimously passed a resolution requiring the monitoring of evacuations from Aleppo.

The resolution asked UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon “to take urgent steps to make arrangements, including security arrangements in consultation with interested parties, to allow the observation by the United Nations and other relevant institutions of the well-being of civilians… inside the Eastern districts of the city of Aleppo.”

It asked for “adequate, neutral monitoring and direct observation” of the evacuations to take place, as well as for all parties to provide monitors with “safe, immediate, and unimpeded access.”

A Syrian political and military expert said on Saturday that the foreign intelligence officers from the US, Turkey and Israel who helped the terrorists in Aleppo left the city.

“The CIA, Mossad, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkish intelligence officers have been leaving Aleppo city in the past two days,” ISSA al-Zaher said, adding that the Syrian members of the terrorist groups stayed in Aleppo to continue fight in the region and be swapped later.

He noted that the violation of Aleppo agreement took place in coordination with the countries supporting the terrorist groups.

The media activists also said that the presence of these foreign spy agents was the reason why striking an agreement over militants’ evacuation from Aleppo took so long as Turkey in its negotiations with Russia was trying to secure their safe exit from Aleppo, adding that these spies were headquartered in a special operations room of the militants at a building in Sad al-Luz market in al-Sha’ar district.

 Aleppo is to be declared a completely liberated city by Damascus any moment now as the Syrian authorities and terrorist groups stationed in the Eastern parts of Aleppo reached an agreement to evacuate militants from the region in return for relocating thousands of besieged civilians from Fua’a and Kafraya in Idlib to government-ruled territories.

The Syrian army units started special operations in Aleppo after several humanitarian pauses declared by Damascus and Moscow to give a chance to the civilian population as well as the militants to leave the Eastern parts of the city through 8 corridors.

District after district have fallen into the hands of the Syrian army soldiers and their allies in the city of Aleppo, as the pro-government troops have recaptured nearly all of the blocks and districts in the Northern and Southern parts of Eastern Aleppo.

Also, tens of thousands of civilians, including hundreds of children and newborn babies, have also left the Eastern part of the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo in recent days, while thousands of militants laid down their arms and left Eastern Aleppo through the special corridor.

Over the recent months, Aleppo has been a battlefield between government forces and numerous terrorist groups.

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