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Zero Hour Arriving for Gov’t Forces’ Anti-ISIL Operation in Homs

21 December 2016 11:17



A large number of Syrian Army soldiers and popular forces are waiting for a Centcom order to start a massive offensive to push back the ISIL terrorist group from the recently occupied lands in the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur) and energy-rich regions in Eastern Homs.

Following the arrival of several fresh pro-government forces in Eastern Homs and the currently improved weather condition for the Russian and Syrian warplanes’ flights that helped repel ISIL’s repeated attacks on T4 airbase and also take back a number of key positions near Palmyra and T4 base today and yesterday, the pro-government forces are waiting to see the operation code wired by their commanders to start their large-scale operation in Eastern Homs.

In the meantime, hundreds more of fresh forces are due to arrive in Homs in coming days.

The army and popular forces took the introductory steps near Palmyra and T4 airbase yesterday and capture some important lands, including al-Mahjoureh, several villages and strategic crossroads that are valuable to maintain security of the towns of al-Quaryatayn and Maheen.

A field source said that currently the joint operation of the army and the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters is aimed at pinning ISIL down and preventing terrorists’ advances in strategic regions, including T4 airbase.

He further added that the army, Hezbollah, National Defense Forces, Tiger Forces and Desert Hawks are about to carry out a massive operation soon.

The source added that the army’s offensives in these regions are a part of preparations for that major operation.

The army is preparing for this large-scale operation via engaging in clashes with ISIL in several different battlefields and in the meantime is preventing terrorist groups from spreading to areas near the cities of Homs, al-Quaryatayn, Maheen and T4 airbase.

Army’s battles in several different battlefields are aimed at wearing out ISIL and weakening their coordination ability for carrying out military operations.

According to military experts, the geographical nature of this region that includes plateaus, hills and deserts will force the Syrian army to use special military tactics and equipment.

Another military source underlined that the army needs to take control of the hills overlooking Tadmur in order to recapture energy-rich fields and later pave the ground for start of the final operation via cutting off ISIL’s communication roads.

Reports said earlier today that the army troops and popular forces continued to advance against the ISIL near the T4 Airbase to recapture the territory they lost to the ISIL in the Western side of ancient city of Palmyra last week.

The pro-government forces managed to take back more lands from ISIL near the T4 airbase, including a number of hills and checkpoints.

According to reports, pro-government forces have also managed to expand the buffer-zone around the T4 in recent days.

A battlefield source said that the Syrian Armed Forces will likely attempt to expand control to lands near the energy fields in Eastern Homs, adding that the Syrian Army will dispatch more fresh forces to Homs battlefield in the next days.

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