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Syrian Army Gives Terrorists Last Ultimatum to Leave Eastern Aleppo

22 December 2016 13:54



The cruel behavior of terrorists in the Eastern parts of Aleppo wasn’t confined to starving citizens as they trafficked the civilians’ body organs as well.

The Arabic-language service of Sputnik news agency quoted one of the female civilians who has been rescued from formerly militant-held regions in Eastern Aleppo as saying that the terrorists even killed and raped women and forced them to marry certain men and scourged them in case of refusing.

One of the women who has recently been rescued by the Syrian army from Eastern Aleppo said that “the terrorists killed my husband, stolen and trafficked his body organs and delivered his body to me like an empty bag. Afterwards I burned myself in an incident, they didn’t allow me to visit a male physician for treatment, saying that visiting a female by a male doctor is haram (religiously forbidden)”.

“They prevented us from leaving the Eastern Aleppo districts and if a girl had rejected marrying the person that they wanted, she would have been stoned to death,” she added.

The woman also disclosed that if a man had gained some food for his family without their permission, the terrorists would have punished him for what they called stealing. “They looted people’s properties in their houses and killed anyone who protested.”

Last Saturday, the Russian General Staff said the terrorist groups in Aleppo received and consumed all the food delivered from abroad, leaving civilians to starve.

“In the liberated districts of Aleppo, Syrian servicemen have found several depots with food delivered from abroad. This food was consumed only by terrorists and members of their families, while Eastern Aleppo’s population was starving,” said Sergei Rudskoy, the chief of the Russian General Staff Main Operational Directorate.

“It seems that Western states and humanitarian organizations are not hurrying up to deliver aid to Aleppo as those who used to receive it, militants, are no longer there, while civilians don’t interest them.”

Rudskoy said the western countries repeatedly voiced their concern over the fate of Aleppo residents, while being in Geneva and New York, but they did nothing in practice to help them at the same time.

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