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Syrian Army Preparing for Large-Scale Anti-Terrorism Operation in Eastern Damascus

23 December 2016 22:23



A large number of Syrian Army soldiers and popular forces are getting ready to carry out an imminent operation in Eastern Ghouta to hit the remaining positions of the terrorist groups in the region, the Army’s High Command announced.

The Syrian Army’s High Command announced that the soldiers and popular fighters are preparing to begin a major military operation in Eastern Ghouta aimed at expelling the rest of militant groups in the region.

The Army’s High Command has been building up their forces in Eastern Ghouta, sending convoy after convoy of reinforcements in order to increase the total number of military personnel participating in this upcoming offensive.

Many of these reinforcements are from Western Ghouta and have participated in several battles in Khan al-Sheih, Darayya, Mo’adhamiyeh al-Sham and Deir al-Khabiyeh.

Reports said earlier today that the Syrian Air Force and Army troops targeted heavily the terrorist groups’ movements and positions in Eastern Ghouta, inflicting heavy casualties on the militants.

The army soldiers opened heavy fire at the movements of the terrorist groups in the town of Harasta, inflicting several casualties on the militants and slowing down their movements in the region.

The army aircraft for their part pounded terrorists’ positions in the surrounding regions of the town of Jobar, in the village of Basimeh and in depth of Eastern Ghouta.

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