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Syrian Army Intensifies Attacks in Western Damascus as Terrorists Refuse to Join Peace Plan

26 December 2016 17:09



Syrian Army troops intensified their anti-terrorism operation in Western Ghouta after Fatah al-Sham Front (previously known as the al-Nusra Front) did not continue to the peace talks with the Damascus government.

The army had dispatched a large number of its forces with a large volume of equipment to launch a fresh phase of operation in case the militants refuse to join reconciliation plan.

The army men started a fresh round of operation to liberate the militant-held region of Wadi al-Bardi and stormed Fatah al-Sham’s positions in the farms near Wadi al-Bardi, advancing vastly against militants near the town of Wadi al-Bardi.

A military source said that the army will continue its non-stop battle to force terrorists to hand over Wadi al-Bardi to government forces.

Reports said earlier today that the Fatah al-Sham Front deployed in Wadi al-Bardi in Western Ghouta once again left its demand for government amnesty, and threatened to destroy the water reservoirs of Damascus city.

Fatah al-Sham had previously called for reconciliation with Damascus concurrent with the army’s’ advances and as the army was about to carry out the second phase of its operation in Wadi al-Bardi, but based on the latest reports the militants have once again rejected to join the peace agreement.

The terrorists meantime threatened to destroy the water reservoir in Ein al-Fijeh region that supplies Damascus and its suburbs with drinking water.

People in Damascus are suffering a shortage of drinking water. The terrorists had contaminated the water reservoirs with Mazut in reaction to the army’s advances in Wadi al-Bardi region.

The Syrian state news agency had also reported that terrorists’ attack on two main water sources in the regions of Ein al-Fijeh and Wadi al-Bardi have been the cause of the cut of drinking water in Northwestern part of Damascus.

Mohammad al-Shayah, the General Manager of the Water Company said that Damascus has been divided into six regions to make it easier to supply people with enough drinking water.

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