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Syrian Army Preempts Terrorist Attack on Industrial Zone in Deir Ezzur

26 December 2016 21:27


Syrian Army troops in a preemptive move targeted the gatherings and movements of the ISIL terrorists near the Eastern city of Deir Ezzur, preventing their move towards the city’s industrial zone.

The army men targeted ISIL’s movements and gathering of forces near Deir Ezzur’s industrial zone, killing 15 militants and wounding several more.

The ISIL had gathered tens of forces to prevail over the army positions in the industrial zone to come in control of Maysalon neighborhood and eventually cut off a strategic road near the city, but failed.

The army aircraft also pounded ISIL’s strongholds in Huweiqa al-Sakar East of the city, leaving a large number of militants dead or wounded and two of their vehicles destroyed.

The army’s artillery units, meantime, shelled ISIL’s positions in al-Huweiqa district, the industrial zone, the villages of al-Hosseiniyeh, Marat and al-Baqaliyeh and nearby areas of the army base 371.

The army soldiers fended off heavy attacks of ISIL on government positions in the Eastern city of Deir Ezzur and its countryside on Sunday, killing a number of militants, including a notorious field commander.

The Army men repelled ISIL’s attacks on government forces’ positions in the neighborhoods of al-Huweiqa, al-Roshdiyeh, al-Mowazafin, al-Maqaber, near Deir Ezzur airbase, Tal (hill) al-Rawad, Panorama region and Tal Um Aboud, killing a number of militants and destroying their equipment.

Ahmad al-Dayeri also known as Abu Ayesha was killed in the failed attack of ISIL in the al-Mowazafin and al-Maqaber.

The army forces also targeted the positions and gatherings of ISIL in the neighborhoods of al-Jabileh, airbase and al-Jazeera university in the villages of al-Baqaliyeh, killing or wounding a number of them.



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