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Syrian Army Readying to Start Fresh Operation in Northwestern Damascus

26 December 2016 12:07



Terrorist groups in Western Ghouta are now calling for reconciliation talks after reports disclosed that the Syrian Army is preparing to launch a massive operation in the region.

The Arabic language al-Watan reported that after the terrorists contaminated water sources of Damascus city in Wadi al-Bardi, the army’s artillery and missile units shelled their positions in the villages of Basimeh and Ein al-Fijeh.

In the meantime, several units of the army managed to advance against militants in Jaroud Basimeh region, causing terrorist groups in Wadi al-Bardi region to call for the resumption of reconciliation talks in return for delivering their positions and bases to the army men.

Meanwhile, the army troops targeted a media center and ammunition depot of the militants in Wadi al-Bardi, leaving at least ten militants dead.

The army also is transferring more forces and equipment to Wadi al-Bardi to start a second phase of its anti-terrorism operation in the region.

The terrorist groups, deployed in Northwestern Damascus, contaminated a main source of the drinking water of Damascus city and its suburbs with a large volume of Mazut on Saturday to revenge their defeats in the battle against the Syrian Army troops in Wadi al-Bardi region in recent days.

The terrorist contaminated the Ein al-Fijeh spring, a main source of drinking water for Damascus and its suburb, with Mazut fuel, a move that is seen as a blind attack on the civilian population and, hence, labeled as war crime.

Ein al-Fijeh is a village near the town of Qodsiyeh.

The Damascus City Water Supply and Sewerage Company has cut off the water supply line coming from Ein al-Fijeh and started to pump water for the city and its countryside from other sources.

A security official said that this was the first time terrorists carry out such acts, adding, “Terrorist groups used to explode or cut off pipe lines or pumping stations in the region.”

“In reaction to the fresh operation of the Syrian army and resistance forces in mountainous region of Wadi al-Bardi, the terrorist groups have now resorted to contaminating Ein al-Fijeh water sources,” he pointed out.

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