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Iraqi Forces Repel ISIL’s Attack Near Mosul, Kill Over 30 Terrorists

27 December 2016 16:48



The Iraqi army and popular forces warded off terrorists’ attack on a key village near the city of Mosul, inflicting heavy losses and casualties on the militants.

“Over 30 ISIL terrorists were killed after the Iraqi armed forces repelled their massive attacks on Ain al-Hasan village West of Mosul city,” the Arabic-language media quoted an unnamed Iraqi military commander as saying on Tuesday.

The commander noted that seven ISIL military vehicles packed with medium-sized weapons were also destroyed during the attack.

In a relevant development on Monday, the ISIL terrorists tried to get close to the Iraqi Federal Police’s units South of the Albu Seif region, but they were pushed back after leaving 21 terrorists dead and many more injured.

“The terrorists driving in suicide cars tried to approach the Iraqi army’s Ninth Armored Brigade units in al-Entesar, al-Salam and al-Shima districts in the Southeastern part of Mosul, but the Iraqi forces destroyed four bomb-laden cars and three military vehicles carrying terrorists as well as killing 51 others.”

In a relevant development on Sunday, Commander of Iraq’s Counterterrorism Department Major General Sami al-Arezi disclosed that his forces have been supplied with the needed weapons, military equipment and ammunition to start their second round of Mosul liberation operations.

“The needed ammunition and military equipment has been sent to all fronts in Nineveh province,” Major General al-Arezi told FNA.

He said that all the military units are receiving the required supplies to start their fresh operation in Mosul.

“We have sent sufficient weapons and ammunition for Iraq’s joint military forces in different parts of Mosul,” Major General al-Arezi added.

Earlier on Sunday, it was reported that the Iraqi armed forces managed to purge the ISIL terrorists from several districts in the Northern part of Mosul city on Sunday as the country’s air force announced that it has conducted 1,700 sorties over Mosul since the beginning of the operation.

Iraq’s joint military forces fortified their military positions in strategic al-Hayakel and al-Fallah districts as well as the cement factory.

The Iraqi forces took control of al-Hayakel and al-Fallah districts on Saturday after several hours of fierce clashes with the ISIL terrorists.

Mosul’s al-Hayakel district located in Northern Mosul city is now under the Iraqi armed forces’ control, the Arabic-language media quoted unnamed local sources as saying.

Meantime, Commander of Iraq’s Counterterrorism Unit Major General Abdulwahhab al-Saedi disclosed in a press conference that the armed forces have managed to block the ISIL’s penetration into the newly-liberated districts of Mosul city.

Meantime, the Iraqi air force announced that its warplanes have conducted 1,700 flights over Mosul city since beginning of the city’s liberation operation.

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