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Video- Syrian Army ambushes Jaish Al-Islam in East Ghouta

27 December 2016 15:48



A group of Jaish Al-Islam fighters mistakenly entered a minefield set up by the Syrian Army in the farm region southwest of Tal Kurdi where they tried to sneak up on some army positions.

According to a military source, no less than a dozen fighters belonging to the Saudi-backed faction were killed. Clashes have raged on that axis as another group is trying to pull back the bodies of their comrades.

Recently, the Syrian Army has been consistently advancing on the Hazrama axis north of the Islamist stronghold of Nashabiyah in a slow attempt to isolate the large town ahead of a massive government offensive rumored to begin in the coming short weeks aimed at neutralizing unwanted armed presence in Damascus.

The Syrian Arab Army is expeccted to launch a massive assault in the East Ghouta in the coming weeks, as they close-in on Jaysh Al-Islam’s final strongholds in this region.

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