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‘Palestine key issue to world peace, security’

28 December 2016 22:34



The Israeli regime issued a total of 2,141 demolition orders for Palestinian structures built in the occupied West Bank in two and a half years, according to the so-called Israeli Civil Administration. According to the data, 832 demolition orders were issued in 2014, 875 in 2015, and 434 through June of this year in Area C of the West Bank. International bodies and rights groups say Israel’s sustained demolitions of Palestinian homes are an attempt to uproot Palestinians from their native territories, and confiscate more land for the expansion of illegal settlements.

Max Igan, a radio host and political commentator from Brisbane, told Press TV’s Top 5 that the problem of Palestine is not a domestic issue but it affects peace and security in the world.

“Palestine is the key to the whole thing” and “if people do not address the situation in Palestine, the wipe of Palestine will be the wipe of the world,” Igan warned on Wednesday.

The issue of Palestine causes massive tensions not only in the “entire region” but also “around the world,” he said.

The radio host also said,“If we can reign in the rogue [regime] of Israel and stop its actions against Palestine, we can do a lot to healing the global situation.”

The analyst also noted that he does “not have any real hope” for the resolution of the issue of Palestine by the Western governments like the upcoming Donald Trump administration.

He touched upon the tactics of the Tel Aviv regime to commit crimes against Palestinians, noting that “Israel will always use external crises to escalate activity against the Palestinian people.

Pointing to the role of the UN Security Council in imposing pressure on the Israeli regime to respect international norms and regulations, he said, the Security Council has acted just like it is established for the “security of Israel.”

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