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Syrian Army Further Advances in Wadi Al-Bardi of Damascus

29 December 2016 22:42



The Syrian army continued operations in Wadi al-Bardi town and regained control of new districts in Basimeh village in Western Ghouta of Damascus province.

The Syrian army units launched heavy mortar attacks on terrorists’ positions in Harat al-Noqra and regions near the Great Mosque and clinic of Basimeh and Deir Moqran villages in Wadi al-Bardi, destroying their military equipment and bases and advancing in new areas in Basimeh.

Meantime, the Syrian fighter jets and helicopters heavily pounded the terrorists’ positions and gathering centers in Basimeh, Ain al-Fijeh and al-Husseiniyeh villages.

Military sources disclosed on Wednesday that the Syrian army has given the terrorists who have remained in Wadi al-Bardi town a final ultimatum to leave the region for Idlib in the next 48 hours.

The sources said that the army troops have called on terrorists in Wadi al-Bardi to surrender and receive amnesty or “take this last chance” and move towards militant-held regions in Idlib province.

The undesirable weather conditions have left an impact on the army operation in Wadi al-Bardi region as thick fog prevented the army aircraft from carrying out their mission in the region.

In the meantime, the terrorists deployed in towns and villages in the surrounding areas of Damascus city said that a new coalition called as the Joint Defense Coalition in besieged-regions of Damascus has been formed.

Militants in Wadi al-Bardi have joined this coalition. The main objective of the coalition is said to be laying more pressure on the Syrian army and preventing it from capturing villages and regions near Damascus city.

Preventing the army from evacuating militants to Idlib is said to be among other main objectives of the militant coalition.

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