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Syrian Army liberates new village in west Palmyra

30 December 2016 17:19



The Syrian Arab Army launched a powerful assault west of the T-4 Military Airport on Thursday, targeting the Islamic State’s defenses at the village of Sharifah in western Palmyra.

This assault would prove successful on Thursday, as the Syrian Arab Army and their allies from Hezbollah managed to liberate all of the hilltops overlooking this small village in the heart of the Syrian Desert.

On Friday afternoon, the Syrian Arab Army capitalized on the Islamic State’s crumbling defenses at Sharifah, firing several anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) at the latter’s defenses in order to force them to retreat from the village.

The Islamic State militants were unable to handle the barrage of missiles from the Syrian Arab Army’s 800th Battalion, resulting in their subsequent withdrawal from Sharifah this afternoon.

With Sharifah under their control, the Syrian Arab Army will likely turn their attention to the area north of the T-4 Military Airport, as they attempt to recover the territory they lost to the Islamic State terrorists this month.

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