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Syrian Army Drives ISIL Terrorists out of More Lands near T4 Airbase

31 December 2016 11:45



Syrian Army soldiers continued their devastating attacks on ISIL’s defense lines in Eastern Homs and recaptured a strategic village and its surroundings after hours of non-stop battle.

The army men continued their operations against ISIL to recapture lost lands and managed to retake full control over the village of Sharifeh West of the ISIL-held city of Palmyra (Tadmur), inflicting tens of casualties on the militants.

On Friday, the army soldiers attacked the hilltops surrounding the small but key village of Sharifah and engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL that lasted for nearly 6 hours.

The army men, backed up by the Russian allies, managed to liberate all the hilltops surrounding Sharifah, forcing the ISIL to pull back its forces to avoid sustaining more casualties.

More that 50 terrorists were killed, while 3 tanks, 1 armored vehicle and 5 machinegun-equipped vehicles were destroyed in the attack.

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