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Syrian Gov’t Resolved to End Militancy in Entire Damascus Province in Two Months

31 December 2016 18:19



Damascus Governor General Ala Ibrahim said that the Syrian government is resolved to purge terrorists from the entire regions in Damascus province in the next 8 weeks.

“The terrorists in their main concentration centers in the region will come to see their fate as Damascus province will be completely cleaned of terrorists in the next two months,” Ibrahim underscored.

He further said that protests conducted by the residents of Douma city and Harasta town against the presence of terrorists in their regions have paved the way for the start of talks over the evacuation of the terrorists from the region, adding that there will be no more terrorists in Douma and Harasta in the next two months.

The official added that the Syrian government will study the amnesty requests of those militants who have decided to lay down arms and join the peace process, while the rest of the terrorists that do not want to apply for government amnesty will leave the province and the country for Turkey.

He further termed terrorists’ action in contaminating the drinking water of Damascus city and damaging the pumping stations and pipelines a move to cover the militant groups’ defeat in Aleppo and an attempt against the Syrian people who have always been firm backers of their country.

Ibrahim went on to say that presence of civilians has slowed down the army’s operation to liberate militant-held regions as militants have been using civilians as human shield.

On Thursday, terrorists eventually agreed to Syrian army’s conditions for surrendering or leaving Ein al-Fijah region in Wadi al-Bardi of Western Ghouta after they came under increasing pressure by local residents.

The governor-general of Damascus said if the terrorists remain committed to their undertakings, an agreement would be signed with them within the next two days and “the operations to repair the water facilities will start right away”.

Field sources said that the terrorists in other regions of Wadi al-Bardi had not asked for government amnesty as they were entangled in intense differences on joining or refusing the reconciliation plan.

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