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Terrorist Groups Detonate Damascus-Quneitra Electricity Transmission Lines

3 January 2017 17:08



Terrorists targeted several masts of power lines in Southwestern Damascus, cutting off transmission of electricity to Quneitra province in Southern Syria.

Terrorist groups affiliated to Fatah al-Sham Front (previously known as the al-Nusra Front) detonated the power transmission masts to Quneitra province in al-Khazrajiyeh region in Western Ghouta.

A source in Quneitra province said that the terrorists detonated the bombes in three major transmission masts of electricity lines in al-Khazrajiyeh.

In the meantime, terrorist groups deployed in Sa’asa’a prevented maintenance units to repair a high voltage electricity mast in Quneitra that was destroyed by militants a couple of days ago.

Also, terrorist groups that had contaminated drinking water of Damascus a couple of days ago, shut off the gas flow to the city in its countryside on Friday, forcing millions of civilians into dire humanitarian situation.

The militants damaged the gas pipelines that flow through the Eastern Qalamoun town of Jaroud and supply gas for residential areas in Damascus city and its countryside.

Militants had stated through their media pages earlier that they intend to punish the people living in government-held areas to retaliate government forces’ military success in Eastern Ghouta, Western Ghouta and Aleppo.

On Saturday, the terrorist groups, deployed in Northwestern Damascus, contaminated a main source of drinking water of Damascus city and its suburb with a large volume of Mazut to revenge their defeats in the battle against the Syrian Army troops in Wadi al-Bardi region in recent days.

The terrorist contaminated the Ein al-Fijeh spring, a main source of drinking water for Damascus and its suburb, with Mazut fuel, a move that was seen as a blind attack on the civilian population and, hence, labeled as war crime.

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