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Iraqi Forces Storm Western Anbar, Capture11 Villages from ISIS

7 January 2017 13:38

Iraqi Forces Storm Western Anbar Capturing 11 Villages from ISIS

11 villages have been liberated from ISIS (ISIL, IS, Daesh) forces by Iraqi forces including the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) on Friday in the western Anbar region.

The operation in western Anbar began only on Thursday.

Nazem al-Juhheifi, a senior intelligence commander of the PMU revealed that army forces, federal police and tribal fighters recaptured seven villages on the road between the towns of Annah and Rawa, with ISIS terrorists mostly fleeing without offering resistance.

Ragea al-Eifan, a member of the security committee at Anbar Province council, said troops retook four other villages after militants fled to the town of Rawa, IraqiNews reported.

“The mission is to clear Rawa as a first phase while cutting supplies to the group from the town of Qaem passing at the desert area surrounding those areas,” he stated.

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