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Palmyra: Long Convoy of ISIL’s Vehicles Targeted in Russian, Syrian Air Raids

8 January 2017 18:06



Syrian and Russian warplanes carried out joint combat flights over a long convoy of ISIL’s military vehicles West of the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur), inflicting major casualties on the terrorists and destroying a number of their vehicles.

The ISIL convoy was heading to battlefields in Eastern Homs to take part in an offensive against the government forces’ positions.

The Russian and Syrian warplanes pounded the ISIL’s convoy, destroying 14 machinegun-equipped vehicles and nine more bomb-laden suicide cars.

Tens of ISIL terrorists accompanying the convoy were killed or wounded in the attack.

Early reports said ISIL has transferred its injured members to Raqqa province.

Also, the ISIL terrorists launched a fierce attack to occupy the strategic T4 airbase in Western Palmyra on Thursday, but failed again after the Syrian army forces repulsed their offensive rapidly and inflicted heavy casualties on them.

The Syrian army’s rapid reaction could kill and injure 115 ISIL militants and destroy 9 tanks and military vehicles of the terrorists.

The army troops deployed in the Southern parts of T4 airbase also started operations to purge the terrorists from Sharifah town.

Military sources said that the Syrian army troops have fully liberated the Northern, Western and Eastern heights of the town so far.

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