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Aleppo: Syrian Army Readying for Imminent Operation to Liberate Al-Bab

9 January 2017 17:14




Syrian Army troops are about to start a fresh round of large-scale operation in Northeastern Aleppo to liberate the town of al-Bab from ISIL terrorists, field reports said Monday.

The sources said that while the Turkish army and Ankara-backed terrorist groups from one side and the Kurdish forces from another side are advancing towards al-Bab, the army has reinvigorated its military power in the village of Faah in Southwestern al-Bab.

The army has also boosted its military presence in regions South-East of al-Bab near the Kuweires airbase, the sources added.

They pointed out that hundreds of army soldiers have been deployed in areas surrounding the town in the recent months, adding that the Kuweires airbase will be the platform for launching the attack on ISIL in al-Bab.

Also, the Syrian army and Russian air force launched heavy attacks on ISIL positions in Aleppo last week, inflicting major losses on the terrorists.

The Syrian army units targeted the ISIL gathering centers in Deir Hafer in the Eastern parts of Aleppo, near the air force college, which killed dozens of militants and destroyed 4 of their military vehicles.

Meantime, the Russian air force continued to provide aerial coverage for the Turkish army and its allies, striking the ISIL around the Western outskirts of al-Bab, killing and wounding several militants.

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