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Iraqi Forces Kill 38 ISIL Terrorists Trying to Damage Mosul’s Ancient Sites

9 January 2017 17:11



The Iraqi forces killed tens of ISIL terrorists who intended to damage the archeological works in Western Mosul.

“At least 38 ISIL terrorists who were trying to attack the artifacts in Western Mosul were killed before they could cause any harm,” the Arabic-language media quoted an unnamed military source as saying.

The Iraqi officials disclosed that there were foreign nationals among the terrorists killed in Mosul city.

In a relevant development on Sunday, the Iraqi special forces clashed with the ISIL militants near a historic site in Mosul Sunday as they tried to drive the militants out of more districts in the city.

The elite counter-terrorism service has spearheaded advances into Eastern Mosul in the nearly 12-week offensive to recapture the city, which is ISIL’ last major stronghold in Iraq, an officer in Iraq’s counter-terrorism service said.

“CTS troops advanced in two directions towards the Baladiyat and Sukkar districts,” Lt. General Abdelwahab al-Sa’adi said.

“During the advance, ISIL tried to confront us from the historic hill,” he said, apparently referring to a hill located near the ruins of the ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh, East of the Tigris river and inside Mosul.

Sa’adi said Iraqi forces and the allied forces “dealt with” ISIL militants who had gone up the hill to use it as a firing position. Dozens of the militants were killed, he added.

Iraqi forces, including the CTS and army units, have advanced further into Mosul in recent days, helped by new tactics and better coordination to gain fresh momentum after getting bogged down inside the city towards the end of the year.

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