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ISIL Dismisses One More Emir over Financial Crisis

9 January 2017 17:07



Informed sources disclosed that ISIL has dismissed Emir of the terrorist group in Southern Damascus Abu Hosham al-Khabouri over intensifying financial differences among commanders.

The sources said that ISIL replaced Abu Hosham al-Khabouri with Abu Zeid Sa’ad as the new Emir of the group in Southern Damascus.

In the meantime, ISIL’s financial Emir, military commander, Waali (governor) of Damascus that is in charge of the injured and inmates, were all changed by the ISIL.

The ISIL terrorists are now on alert in the town of al-Hajar al-Aswad that is the main base of ISIL in Southern Damascus after several members of the groups opposed the ISIL’s recent dismissals and appointments.

Sources suspected that these changes have links to financial differences among commanders of ISIL.

Local sources said last week that the ISIL terrorists faced a serious shortage of income in recent months and started selling the looted properties of Iraqi people in Deir Ezzur’s market,

The sources said that the ISIL opened a new Bazaar known as Daesh market in Bu Kamal in Eastern Deir Ezzur that borders al-Anbar province of Iraq to sell the stolen properties of the Iraqi people and police of the towns of Fallujah, Heath and al-Ramadi.

Vehicles were carrying the stolen properties on a road connecting al-Qaim in Iraq to Bu Kamal in Syria round the clock, especially when the roads were not under heavy air raids.

Analysts believe that the recent defeats of the ISIL, specially in Nineveh, and loss of properties have pushed the terrorist group into financial problems.

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