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Graphic 18+ ISIS corpses litter battlefield near Tal Afar after Kataeb Hezbollah attack

11 January 2017 17:37
65,000 Terrorists Ready to Replace ISIS if They Defeated

65,000 Terrorists Ready to Replace ISIS if They Defeated


Islamic State (ISIS) corpses littered the battlefield near the strategic town of Tal ‘Afar in northwestern Iraq on Wednesday after Kata’eb Hezbollah carried out a powerful assault on the terrorist group’s positions.

In addition to the scores of ISIS dead, a number of armored vehicles that belonged to the terrorist group were destroyed by the Hezbollah fighters near Tal ‘Afar on Wednesday.

The video of this powerful assault was captured by local activists; it shows over 9 minutes of footage from Kata’eb Hezbollah’s perspective and the aftermath of their massive attack.


The town of Tal Afar is located in the Nineveh Governorate of northwestern Iraq; it is situated 63 km west of Mosul, the Islamic State’s capital inside the country.

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