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Syrian Army preparing for massive east Aleppo offensive: Map

11 January 2017 17:40


It has been nearly year since the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has launched any major offensive in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, as the battle inside the provincial capital tied most of their reserves down in 2016.

Once the eastern pocket of the provincial capital was under their control, thousands of reserves from the Syrian Arab Army became readily available for a new military operation.

Unlike their planned offensive in southern Aleppo which has elements of Hezbollah and Iraqi paramilitary personnel, the entire operation in the eastern countryside will be conducted solely by the Syrian Arab Army.

No foreign forces, outside of their Russian military advisors, will be present at any time during the east Aleppo offensive.

The question now is where are the Syrian forces going to attack in the eastern countryside of Aleppo….

Al-Masdar has confirmed on multiple occasions a massive build-up of Syrian Arab Army personnel around the Kuweires Military Airport; however, their intended offensive destination is often not clear.

Some sources claim that Deir Hafer is the main objective for the Syrian Arab Army, while attacks by the Syrian Air Force on Al-Bab indicate a possible shift north towards this city.

Regardless of which Islamic State stronghold the Syrian Arab Army chooses to attack; it appears that this offensive is imminent given their build-up around the Kuweries Military Airport.

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