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Syrian Army Launches Massive Attacks on Terrorists in Ghouta

12 January 2017 15:33



The Syrian army started clashes with the terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus in response to their violation of truce.

The Syrian fighter jets launched airstrikes on the terrorists’ positions in Hazarma, Otaya, al-Nashabiya and al-Maraj towns in response to their violation of the ceasefire in the region.

Also, the Syrian ground forces targeted the militants’ bases after their attack on Harasta-al-Abbasiyeen highway, inflicting casualties and damages on them.

The Syrian soldiers also launched an offensive against the terrorists’ positions near Zamalka region.

The militants’ gathering centers near Douma city were also attacked by the Syrian army’s missile and artillery fire, killing and wounding tens of terrorists.

In a relevant development on Tuesday, scores of Faylaq al-Rahman terrorists, including one of their field commanders, were killed in Syrian army’s counterattack in Eastern Ghouta.

Terrorist groups carried out a very heavy attack on the army positions near the missile battalion in Hazarma region, forcing the army soldiers to retreat temporarily from four positions.

Then, the Army men in a rapid counterattack inflicted heavy damage on the terrorists’ vehicles and killed a number of them, recapturing all the lost positions.

Over 10 terrorists, including field commander of Faylaq al-Rahman Hamza al-Asali known as Abu al-Abbas were killed and several more were wounded while repelling terrorists’ attack.

Over 25 militants were killed or wounded in the second wave of clashes.

The rest of the terrorists fled the battlefield.

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